Sitemap - 2020 - Great Conversation(s)

20. "Never be intimidated by being by yourself..."

For the Love of Baby Jesus

Identity and Ellen Page

19. "Be thankful for your many blessings..."

19. "Be thankful for your many blessings..."

Lord, We Thank You for: Lines Not to be Crossed

17. "Enforce the Tenth Amendment."

WWW - "Patriotism"

16. "Don't let anybody tell you you can't do something...


Election Day is Upon Us


14. "Own your choices..." (FULL EPISODE)

13. "Be nice to people..."


Ideally Nurtured to Govern in Good Nature

The Old Normal

12. "Don't compare people to Nazis..."

11. "Inform yourself, then vote..."


Democracy and the Politics of Voting

The Social-Emotional Handicap

10. "Don't let the kids have a cell phone until High School..."

Plato’s Republic: (Great Ideas Discussion Group topic.)

Plato, the Constitution, and the Republic

9. "Keep the faith..."

Essential Mindfulness in Familial Foundations

The Political Triangle

8. "If you're going to do something, don't half-ass it.

7. "Be prepared to be comfortable being uncomfortable..."

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

In Defense of Property

6. "Ask, 'What does love require of me...'"

Constitution Day Celebration

Chat with Georgia

Fundamental Governance II

5. "Slow down, and think..."

Water, Water, Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink

4. "There IS such a thing as a free lunch..."

Fundamental Governance

Amateur (Ham) Radio

Support America by Defending Rights

There is No Good Form of Socialism

ReDivining the Trinity:

3. "If you think you really understand something..."

Be the Most Important Person

Remote voting for Congress

"I reclaim my time..."

2. "Be authentic, and live your life authentically..."

Red Flag Laws vs Involuntary Temporary Detention


Capitalism has "exhausted itself"?

1. "You can plan to your hearts content, but...

Introduction to "Rules of the Game" with Special Guest: Georgia!

Education is the Primary National Product

A Probable Explanation of Today’s Civil Unrest

The Age of Anxiety

The Origin of Left and Right Politics

Welcome to the Conversation!

Reforming Our Nation's Police

A Cherry Pickin' Education

Part-Time School, or Distance Learning

Kanye West for President

One More March Through the Institutions

"Defund" the Schools?

Kill 'em With Kindness

Do we have the right to hate?

New Thread?