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At some point in the early days of IndED (IndED.us), we hosted a short conversation at our location in Leesburg entitled, “How to Be Friends with People you Disagree With.” We wanted to teach our kids (at the time, almost all upper elementary) what it meant to have disagreements with friends.

A local gentleman serving on our Town Council (who also happened to be a two-star Air Force general) came and talked with the kids about friendship, conversation, and leadership.

To be perfectly honest, I don't have much memory of what he talked about. The point was always to simply have the kids listen to adults of good character. The more local the better, and the less of an “educator” the better.

What I do remember was in the process of promoting the event at local chamber functions, etc, there were a number of adults who asked, “Can I bring my adult friends?”… you see this was around the time of the 2016 election, and people were losing friends, and alienating family members…. right and left.

Also, around that time I wrote an article for the local Loudoun paper, illustrating how important local governorship is in light of the circus that is national (Federal) elections. It’s undoubtedly clear from the last several weeks, what our state, county, city, and town governments do can have a monstrous impact on our lives, even in global catastrophes.

Great Conversation(s) has been seeking multiple ways of rekindling and maintaining good conversations with good people. (Check out our About Page for some details on that.) In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing our “Rules of the Game” podcast with yours truly as your humble host. We’ll also talk about what GC and IndED are doing for the fall here in Northern Virginia.

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Butch Porter
Leesburg, VA, USA