Constitution Day Celebration

The 10th Annual Celebration in Leesburg, VA

So, the year has been shy of events which involve what one could call “social interaction”… you’ve gone to Costco and you’ve already seen Christmas decorations.

You start to think… maybe that would be best… let’s go ahead and get 2020 over with.

NO. You will not let 2020 own you. You are not going to ignore THE most quintessential American holiday (other than Thanksgiving, which, let’s face it, is being swallowed by Christmas already, as part of “The Holidays”):


Restore your American spirit, and STICK it to 2020. Celebrate the 233rd Anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution, and Great Conversation(s) Tenth Annual Celebration of it. No long speeches. Just good food and fellowship and… Great Conversation(s).

Who’s in? Let us know on the Facebook event (gotta join the group!), or you can comment here.

September 19th, 3pm to 7pm.
(Billy Cox Pavillion, Ida Lee, adjacent to the playground next to the Rust Library)