What is Great Conversation(s)?

First, it is about THE Great Conversation. For centuries the singular aspect of a society which considers itself free and prosperous has been the ability of the citizenry to take on the timeless endeavor of exploring important ideas, through art, literature, music, and speech. We’ve spent at least 2500 years in the West, since the first stories of legendary heroes of old were debated and analyzed, discussing and debating the ideas which are important to humanity’s successes and failures, to its prosperity or despair. Ideas regarding princes and peasants, the good and the evil, the sublime and the crass, the true and the false.

From Many to One

Secondly, this is about MANY Conversations. In order for the Great Conversation to continue, it takes many deliberations about these ideas. After all, we want to continue to grow, to progress, to persuade, to influence policy; but first we need to stop and listen. Listen to the people who disagree with us and understand why. Listen for opportunities for compromise and comity before seeking to go into battle for the “cause.” There is a lot of interest in the past decade (and for many decades prior) in protest, resistance, and rallies. Bullhorns come out; signs are hoisted, and there are “battle lines being drawn.” There is a time for those things. There is also a time to sit down and discuss, to understand, to reach out and work through these challenges person-to-person, and God forbid, make friends.

This is not easy. This takes time. It takes patience. It takes commitment. This is why Great Conversation(s) (a project of IndED) is growing through:

  • The “blog” right here where we’re adding authors and contributors.

  • Dinner Clubs

  • "Coffee Klatsch”

  • Great Ideas Through the Arts Discussion Groups

  • Podcasts (including the all new: “Rules of the Game” hosted by IndED Founder and Director, Butch Porter)

  • The SXOLÉ Network where we can all join together and discuss these ideas free of fake news, cancel culture, and muddled thinking

Wherever you are on the political wheel, and whatever way in which you have been involved in philosophy, religion and politics in the past… there is a place for you. We at Great Conversations are committed to helping communities find opportunities to engage. We’re also committed to learn as much as we can about the leaders in our community, what they believe in, what they stand for, what their mission is. Elected officials, business leaders, non-profit leaders… all people in a position to make our communities great places to be; we’re going to meet them here.

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