Sep 30, 2020 • 46M

10. "Don't let the kids have a cell phone until High School..."

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Butch Porter
Host, Butch Porter, has conversations in his home town of Leesburg, VA, with good people, exploring "Great Ideas" which extend beyond the local, but often start there. We'll set up opportunities to participate, in person and online, for all Americans who are looking to go beyond the teams and explore ideas with love and intellectual curiosity.
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For our 10th episode, we go national again with the beautiful and talented Jessica Hausberger, who also has a podcast with her mother Grace called, "Relate Podcast."   The topic of the day is the "Social Dilemma" Documentary on Netflix where former execs of the leading social media companies explain, technically, and with great conviction, why their platforms might have gone a little too far in creating... well... an addiction to their services.

Center for Humane Technology

"Social Dilemma" Film

Relate Podcast with Jessica and Grace
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