The precedent set for governance in history based on the Bible along with inspirations from both Plato and Aristotle.
WWW: "LIBERAL"New tradition here on Great Conversation(s). We’re going to take some time to help define terms, which all by itself…makes it easier to have gre…
This has become more about control than safety
Bahar Picariello
12. "Don't compare people to Nazis..."Listen now (38 min) | (LISTEN ON: Apple - Spotify - Anchor ) For our 7th "Loudoun Rules" episode (#12 for the podcast) Butch is back at Dodona Manor --…
Butch Porter
11. "Inform yourself, then vote..."Listen now (48 min) | (LISTEN ON: APPLE — SPOTIFY — ANCHOR ) Jessica Hausberger has made it to the second round in our nationwide search for a regular …
Butch Porter and Jessica Hausberger
CitizenshipWe’re going to take this thread as one of a few on the topic of citizenship: Should there be qualifications for citizenship? Service? Education?…
Butch Porter
Is Democracy more a form of government or simply a set of principles?
Jessica Hausberger
As we unleash our homeschooled children upon the world, what will they have learned?
EmJay Cha'll
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