Fundamental Governance II

Part two of two

(Continued from Part I)

There is more to the story of political defilement of governance than derision of Capital Republican policy. However, the actions and policy of these sheep-shod lobbyists and politicians feed a cycle of abuse to humanity; educating and enabling the Police Force to use tactics disallowed by the Geneva Convention in order to quell alleged disrespect of an officer. If they die in the struggle, well, that is evidence of their unruliness. 

I believe we have the most difficulty understanding the "why" of the situation. Why would self-proclaimed men of God perpetuate these policies which clearly are the antithesis of the Message of the Gospel? The answer is not readily available. In fact, the concept itself seems rather laughable. Things must not be as they seem. Therefore we chuckle softly under our breath, replace the issue on the shelf + remind our selves that God's ways are higher than our own - who can understand His dealings? 

"Listen to Me, you who know rightness and justice and right standing with God, the people in whose heart is My law and My instruction: fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid nor dismayed at their revilings."

Isaiah 51:7

Let's revisit the conservative platform. Could the issues at hand stem from the mind of man being well intentioned while the heart of man is indeed, desperately wicked?**

The Pro-Life platform is anti-abortion yet seems to support child-trafficking from other nations. Life in America is so Great, they have justified preying on impressionable pregnant mothers from third world countries. They offer a home and free medical care. More opportunities in America. When the women arrive, often days before birthing, their belongings are confiscated. They are moved into dormitory style living quarters until they give birth. They are forced into a closed adoption agreement for a chance to earn a few thousand dollars by giving up their child. What happens to the mother once the child is born? I suppose that is no longer the concern of the conservative party, now that a white family has safely secured the baby's citizenship and future in America.§

The Liberal platform has yet to harness the power of choice in health, as evidenced by the flexibly excessive and ill-enforced regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. In the early to mid 1900's an increased amount of children were born with Neural Tube Defects. Our industry had grown in leaps and bounds, allowing us to process and package unconscionable amounts of everlasting food. Unfortunately, the processing required for the convenient shelf life removed most of the food's beneficial nutrients, leading to the rise of health defects in newborn babies. President Roosevelt called the National Nutrition Conference for Defense in May of 1941. Based on a frighteningly small base of clinical trials, the FDA began mandating all processed foods be enriched with Folic Acid and other lab synthesized nutrients. 

Since the widespread use of Folic Acid, the rate of miscarriage in America has continued to rise. As hindsight would have it, we have now learned that due to genetic mutation of the MTHFR gene, only 30-50% of American citizens can metabolize Folic Acid into a usable form of B6; the natural Folate found in dark leafy greens and root vegetables. For the mutated, lab synthesized Folic Acid binds to the folate receptors but does not process through the system. In addition, due to this mutation the body detoxes at 10-30% of the rate of a non-mutant. This leads to normal and even high levels of B vitamin in the blood, symptoms of chronic fatigue, digestive distress, migraines and a reduced ability to regulate genetic expression. Today Folic Acid is one of the number one causes of infertility in mutated women. Doctors continue prescribing it to those who hope to become pregnant without performing necessary genetic testing.

In fact, most western general medical practitioners are not formally educated regarding the MTHFR mutation at all. This study published by the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics conclusively links un-metabolized folic acid syndrome, recurring issues with implantation and a high risk of miscarriage. In my opinion, it is highly irresponsible of the Federal Government to regulate the addition of synthetic folic acid into our grains, cereals and even our iced tea when up to 50% of our population suffers negative consequences.Ω

While I can fully support and jump on the platform of Small Government, the policies and procedures which were assessed and implemented decades ago must be addressed today by the Federal Government. 

As Christians, I believe it is our duty to stand up and account for our own heart.  Instead of championing policies praised from pulpits, are we engaging with our community and understanding how policies affect other people? Can we humbly recognize Every Thing is Lawful but I Must Retain My Autonomous Freedom in Thought, Word + Action, staying wholly Captive to the example of Christ?

What does this look like? What does this sound like? According to the Book of Acts and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church¤, it means looking at and listening to the people. It means allowing the people to elect the Patronage. It means democratically elected Elders selflessly mentor those who have a natural talent for spiritual service. It means cultivating an environment where no man or woman has ultimate authority but the collective consciousness of the group guides thought and action of the whole.

It requires relinquishing the spirit of Fear, Guilt and Shame which keeps us cowering in the Presence of God since the Beginning of Our Understanding. It means stepping into the Divinely Ordained Role of Christian Service to my Fellow ManKind. Regardless of their social status or income class. It means welcoming the whore back to the home. Providing for her and loving her without reproach for the rest of her life. 

In all honesty, the Bible has a disappointingly small amount of direction for governance beyond each man taking personal responsibility for the governance of their own heart. In a perfect world, wouldn't that be a perfect sight. No need for tax law, for we all support our brother in the time of drought. No need for state policing for our homes are sheltered by the blood of the brotherhood watch. No need for food stamps or government assistance because our lawns overflow with the goodness of bounty from the Earth which we share freely.

I don't know if this definition of government is called socialism or democracy or democratic socialism or utopianism or communism by definition in your book. In my book, it says:

In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth, and the light and the dark, and the land and the sea, and the fish and the animals, and then they made (hu)man in their image and gave them dominion over all living things. They called this Structure Good.