Election Day is Upon Us

Let's be serious about listening to each other between now and January. No matter what happens.

Tomorrow is Election Day (Even if we've been voting for a month now, I think tomorrow is still Election Day).

It doesn't matter who you've voted for, who you refused to vote for, or why you voted or didn't vote for them. To be honest, it's not even that big of a deal if you've decided the whole thing is just not important to you so you didn't vote at all (though, you know... the old adage about not bitching if you don't vote is... apt).

What is important is that we treat each other with love, compassion, and respect. We don't decide people are not worth loving and caring for and being friends with because they disagree with us.

What is important is that "politics" is not simply about who we elect; it's about what we do together, the decisions we make together as a community. Through our families, our churches, and in the numerous ways in which we interact... we make decisions together that impact not only the groups we're in, but society at large. In order to function well, we have to work with those who don't see things exactly as we do. They may have a different upbringing or a different culture, or a different belief system, but we need to approach them 1) first as a human being, 2) second as an individual, and lastly as someone we're trying to make productive decisions with based on whatever goals or ideals or values we're holding or trying to accomplish.

"Politics," as the saying goes, ain't beanbag. It's complicated. Sometimes it hurts and offends. Sometimes it inspires and moves. Almost no two people experience it exactly the same way. So we should defend our positions when they need defending; listen to those we disagree with and be humble enough to learn, even when we're helping others do the same.

There aren't a lot of great outcomes, honestly from this campaign. A lot of people are going to be unhappy (not everyone takes my advice). If there are issues you hold dear, it is perfectly legitimate to be prepared to "fight" if you need to fight come January when the government changes (or doesn't).

But for now, whatever results we get tomorrow (or whenever we get them)... whether it goes your way or it doesn't, make it a point to reach out to those you disagree with and let them know... no matter what, we share a country, we share a community, we share a planet, and we share the human race.

Be committed to be part of the solution; part of the "liberal order," part of the modern commitment to working through disagreements, and part of the tradition of discourse and comity and manners and decency which makes this country function at its best.

No matter who wins the WH, or the Senate, you can count on me to be open to all conversations and relationships and challenges. You need a shoulder to cry on? You got it. You want to vent your anger, yell at me. I can take it. You want my honest opinion? You can have that too. Even if you don't like it.

I realize many feel the costs are just too high... but after we've done our part and the lawyers are fighting it out, there is little we can do....so we need to commit that the alienation, the mischaracterizations, the hyperbole, the fear mongering and gaslighting... it all stops when polls close tomorrow on the West Coast... and we can at the very least commit to love each other until the consequences of the vote comes to fruition in January.

Who knows? Maybe we'll realize that we can get along a little better after all... and whoever is in charge, we can hold them to a higher bar and make...different choices next time.

It's worth a try ... Who's with me?