1. "You can plan to your hearts content, but...


This week, for our inaugural podcast, we kick off our podcast in the breakfast room at Dodona Manor, the historical home of George C Marshall in Downtown Leesburg, Virginia.

Our special guest is Bahar Picariello, the “Homeschool Ambassador” who as a single working mom has turned her homeschooling into a platform/enterprise for supporting other parents.

Not only our inaugural video podcast, but also Mr. Porter’s entry into the Reimagine Education Conference, which launches this weekend. If you’re considering taking on true blue homeschooling this year, check out the conference, and learn more about IndED.

The topic of the day, in addition to homeschooling in general, is of course the role of DADS in homeschooling. Listen in. Share. Like. etc. Two more episodes, and we’ll be launching into Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc. But for now, share this link and our patreon.com site.


"You can plan to your hearts content, but you have to be prepared for it not to go your way." Bahar Picariello