ReDivining the Trinity:

A Matriarchal Discussion of Divinity

In 325 AD Constantine was Great and the Christian Church was forming. I was raised to believe the council at Nicea was gifted with birthing the Holy Book of  Christianity today. Indeed, many important conversations and precedents were set at the council hosted by Constantine and attended by priests, their Spiritual support staff, and numerous scholars and interested parties. 

The goal was to quell a minor rebellion stemming from the East. A man named Arius had curated quite a following of crusaders under the flag of Almighty Father God Reigns Supreme. His teaching poked holes in the legitimate Christhood of Jesus. Was Jesus simply a man blessed by God with intimate presence and power on earth? Likely. According to Arius from Alexandria, Egypt.

This teaching was considered heresy by the newly formed religious structure of Christianity. Their crusade was wholly dependent upon Jesus being THE Christ. The Word. The Son of Man who Took on Flesh. Always present with the Father. Before Abraham was, I am. Jesus was their Messiah and the only hope for their emerging nation. 

According to the times of the day, and the general history of mankind, no women were present or acknowledged with any type of voice or influence in the rooms during the hours of verbal and sometimes physical war which waged on for several months. The fate of the Trinity at hand and the Mother is silent. 

The council eventually agreed that John 1:1 confirmed the fact that Jesus is indeed the Word. The Christ. Present in the same essence of God, since the very beginning. When God made man in their image. Male and female He made them. For it is not good for man to be alone. The Mother breathed life into each individual soul embedded with her innate Wisdom. Oh, did I forget to mention? The Holy Spirit is the Essence of the Divine Feminine. . 

Solomon recognized and expounded on this fact throughout his writing and teaching. Continually referring to wisdom and understanding in the feminine form of deity. Proverbs 8 is a wonderful example. In fact, verses 22-33 detail in similar fashion to John 1:1 that Wisdom was Present at the Beginning. Her Knowledge and Understanding is encoded within each layer of their Almighty Universe in which their created Children dwell. Christian and Heretic alike. 

His father David often cried out to Adoni, or a plural essence of majesty. He. She. The Divine. Three. The Trinity is no strange theological concept yet today we continue to struggle with understanding the Omnipotence of our One God. That He could also be She. At the same time. That She could be the missing link to our full understanding of Divinity. 

Our understanding and knowledge of ancient Sacred Scripture referenced in 2 Timothy is, at this point, more than a little outdated. It has been two millennia since our religious leaders have sat down to council regarding the State of the Trinity. Once the Autonomous and Indivisible Power of Jesus was established, the Christian Church ran wild with Crusades in the name of Christ. The 80 preserved texts were whittled down to 66 carefully selected books, Canonized and Declared to be the Infallible Word of God designated to him who has ears to hear and the understanding to decipher.

I find it historically fascinating that strong women have been repeatedly demonized and posthumously praised by the Patriarchal Forefathers of the Church. I do not find it surprising that many of the books which were sloughed from Sacred Scripture held the experience, strength and hope of Women who shifted the heart and strengthened the mind of her present ManKind. 

The Old Testament is full of genealogies and religious ceremony. These rituals and practices protected the people and affirmed their loyalty to One God. Genealogies determined destiny. Tribe and lineage were of social and emotional Importantance. With a great name came great responsibility. 

Unfortunately, blood does not breed temperament: government and religious structures bouyed by birth often fell to Waging Warlords amidst unrest and mismanagement of their people. This is why the Israelites continued to fall into slavery. King David and King Solomon were proof that the God of the Jews was the One True God who Saved His People with Righteous indignation and Rewarded them Generously. 

Neither king enjoyed a peaceful reign yet the poetry which flowed from the depth of their collective soul fills about half of our Bible. Naturally, so do the names of their children, as they did inseminate rather freely. Lovers of fine women, the harem of King Solomon was said to be the largest in all kingdoms. Like father, like son. David stole Solomon's mother out from under the nose of her presently heroic husband. So tragic, how he died at war. 

The Wisdom of Solomon is an entire book which was discarded from the Sacred Texts. Historically it is reported that Solomon wrote this from Alexandria, Egypt. Perhaps on a war quest of his own. In this book Solomon's Perspective ranges from intensely dark to immensely gentle as he debates the dichotomous union of The God of War and Her Excellence, Divine Prudence + Widom. Fascinating that this book would be cut. I wonder if it held hints to the veracity of his heir birthed by the Queen of Sheba. 

The New Testament is relatively silent on the Genealogical front, but full of references to the Trinity and even a confirmation from Jesus: "Before Abraham was, I am." A shallow study into the life of Mary the Mother of Jesus shows her parents honored in sainthood by the tradition of the Qu'ran. The lineage of Joseph did indeed trace back to the royal line of King David, yet. An immaculate conception was crucial to the Christhood of Jesus. Best to leave out the topic altogether. We wouldn't want our tribal warleaders to get confused. Their Messiah cannot come from Ishmael's loins. 

What if he came from the Queen of Sheba's loins? This is a big what if, and I confess I do not have the answer. I do believe this begs yet another question. At what point do Christian's reconvene to include the Mother? What type of environmental energy would it take to cultivate a rebirth and understanding of unconditional love as the mission of ManKind? 

Male and female, He formed them from the dust. The moment her breath hits the lungs, the child is commissioned as Christ. Each decision he makes. Every step that she takes. Will confirm or deny their calling. This is the Cycle of Man Created in Their Image. It is not good for Man to be alone. The Holy Spirit is the Helper. The Feminine Divine.