Essential Mindfulness in Familial Foundations

Unlearning trust in society and re-learning to follow natural insight is a lifelong mission of adulthood.

Founded in 2008, our young + naive clan instinctually formed a few toxic rituals. These included mildewed laundry, fuzzy dishes and scummy toilet rings. Between three vehicle payments and rent in a gated community, we were living the high life without the help. Projection of wealth was everything. Between the two of us we worked three full time jobs. We didn't have time to bother with household chores.

Like many families, we took to commercial shelves to combat these plagues of intimate laziness. Drain-O, Clorox, Mr. Clean, PineSol, 409, LCR. So many commercial labels and consumer driven products marketed to cut the grime in almost no time. A never ending capital focus on our conveniently driven society. 

Some of these industrious lab created chemicals truly worked wonders and we reveled in the scentual ease of Febreeze and the flowering Tides of washed and waxed laundry. 

Fast forward to young parenthood and higher standards for clean living. Babies get into every little and loose thing. Mama has had headaches every day since child birth. Her physical ailments often outweigh pragmatic progress. Papa is relegated to plugging in the scent of Lavender Glade. It deepened the ache she felt to her core. Spraying and scrubbing the tub left her breathless. It took several years and several trips to various medical centers to decipher the chemical culprit. 

We have now spent a decade and some change shoring up our familial foundation. In doing so, we have found it imperative to swap the convenience of commercial grade for the consciousness of natural chemistry in any and every means possible. This is both for our benefit and for the benefit of our eathly footprint.

Unlearning trust in society and re-learning to follow natural insight is a lifelong mission of adulthood. This is how we break the code of the Matrix and choose our own ending. We began this unlearning process by reading labels and researching the fineprint. It is clearly evident in black and white that commercial convenience comes at a heavy weight to our organic microbial balance. 

If we consider health in the sense of every man as a machine, regenerating the same genetics and microbiome, commercial production of preventative health aides could make logical sense in the world. However, for the creatively analytical mind which recognizes the needs of the organic body are flexibly interwoven between origin and present environment, the allure of empowering people to curate and cultivate their own wealth of wellness through natural means seems logical and efficient.

In addition, our multi-cultural and interracial society carries genetic imprints of original matter throughout the entire known world. Therefore, access to pure components of healing plants from indigenous sources just seems to make good sense for all people. 

We officially became an oily family in 2018 which has been the brightest spot in our worldly existence during the trying times of America's battle of Health care vs. Wealth care. I won't name my preferred brand due to respect for all therapeutic oil educators, however, should you be curious as to my personal preference, my website and social media platforms have a plethora of intimate details regarding our personal use.

Swapping my skin + hair care for essential tinctures proved to be a pleasantly stimulating focus for my body + mind. As I learned about the capabilities of these oils to balance emotions + autonomic functions I was empowered to integrate them into as many household duties as possible. I still have a lot to learn about oils and enjoy dedicating focus to that endeavor and refining my essential home-making skills.

I absolutely do not subscribe to the "selling" practice of multi-level marketing companies. I do, however, believe in wholesale shopping and sharing my experience, strength and hope with others. To this day I have made zero dollars of financial profit in the essential oil industry. I am absolutely okay with that. I have saved my family hundreds of dollars and we continue to benefit from essential integration daily. It seems like the Proverbs 31 thing to do. 

My husband is the essential diffuser disciplinarian. He even ensures the diffusers are prepped throughout the day so all I need to do is push a button. He exemplifies the power of mind over matter. I often find myself forgetting to push buttons and rushing to find a fix as I find myself submerged in an anxious brain fog.

Our ten year old son frequently asks for an oil intervention. I love sensing the shift in his bodily tension after a five minute essential pause of intentional breath and strategically placed oily fingers. Sometimes I remind him this practice of laying hands + anointing with oils is ancient, scripturally divine. 

Our at home dentistry tradition includes removing loose teeth by Nerf gun and tying strings to doors. His participation is perhaps persuaded by his father + comforted by cotton with Clove on the gums and a sniffer of Lavender + Copaiba. 

My husband's job is strenuous physically and emotionally. It requires laser focus and calm exuberance. It wears on him physically and emotionally. It is evident in his posture. Twenty minutes of accupressure with a blend of nervines has him in a state of relaxed bliss which lasts until he begins reading the news again. Rinse and repeat. 

I find in this essential integration with my family, my personal experience is reflected and validated by their individual experience. This practice increases my mindfulness as I go about fixing disordered functions within our household. We have curated a wealth store of essential conveniences which keep the wheels on our wagon well oiled.  

When God created this earth He called it good. He endowed nature with the Wisdom of the Divine Mother. All it takes to be a healthy + wealthy human is essential mindfulness of this co-creative, interdependent Universe and intuitive self care. 

We've also whittled our vehicle payments down to one dwindling truck payment. What's next after Tara the Taco bites the dust? Esla the Tesla. She whispers our names already. Patience, my evo-energetic soul! One day at a time. No sense wasting a good adventure vehicle when life just won't quit tossing obstacles your way! We are grateful for the essential mindfulness we have curated which enables us to honor the struggle daily.