Oct 27, 2020 • 1HR 5M

14. "Own your choices..." (FULL EPISODE)

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Butch Porter
Jessica Hausberger
Host, Butch Porter, has conversations in his home town of Leesburg, VA, with good people, exploring "Great Ideas" which extend beyond the local, but often start there. We'll set up opportunities to participate, in person and online, for all Americans who are looking to go beyond the teams and explore ideas with love and intellectual curiosity.
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Butch and Jessica reconvene over various topics, including Covid, local races, and of course... the big decision this coming Tuesday, and that is who we are going to vote for and why for President and Vice President. Both Jessica and Butch voted third party in the previous election, but now we have to make a choice....and own it. (This is the FULL episo…

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