While I see the thread of your thoughts, I am a bit conflicted. I see the federal government as have over stepped their constitutional boundaries. The federal government has no constitutional mandate to redistribute citizens wealth, nor a mandate to do anything but "promote the general welfare" of the country.

As a Christian and a Conservative, I see my role as promoting the administration of "welfare" through my church and the local government, which in my case is Fairfax, Virginia. I would also see a role of citizens in any local promoting charitable giving by businesses and affluent individuals. (promoting not extorting) A contributor here has suggested a 1:1 Virginia tax credit for any business that funds a private or charter school. I would expand the credit to homeless shelters, not for profit mental health organizations and the like.

Matthew 15-22:21 is probably the most complex and misunderstood passage in the Bible. Clearly this passage was a response to trap Jesus. The Pharisee were prohibited to have graven images. When one of them produced a denarium (that was the only coin that the Romans would accept in payment of the taxes.) Jesus asked after the graven image on the coin. The image was that of Caesar. The obverse was embossed with "Caesar is God." Clearly the coin(s) were unclean and to hold them made the owner unclean. By telling the Pharisees to give them back to Caesar he was saying that the Romans were unclean and the coins should not be held, lest the holder would remain unclean. It was not, and should never construed to be Jesus' statement that taxation is acceptable. There are many more nuances here but those are for another day and time.

Over all this is a well written essay. Thank you. I hope I have added some insight.

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