Maybe "Think Globally; Act Locally" is not really that great of an approach
Seeking a better understanding of the tensions and similarities that divide or bind us.
Fascism comes from a set of flawed ideas. So does Socialism/Communism.
At some point decisions have to be made about what we are willing to do or not do, no matter how well-intentioned our “betters” want to sound
People are being radicalized by Artificial Intelligence applications
... and we're often worse off for it
We may not be able to share the "things," but we must share a country.
The scientific method tells us that we COULD be right, until proven otherwise
The Truth of the Muddy Waters
1. "You can plan to your hearts content, but...Listen now (35 min) | This week, for our inaugural podcast, we kick off our podcast in the breakfast room at Dodona Manor, the historical home of George…
Some new approaches to celebrating St. Nicholas
We can help prepare our teens for adulthood, in a service-minded and challenging way