43. "Efficiency almost always wins...

... and we're often the worse for it.

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For Episode 21 of Season Two, Jessica and Butch talk about the gains in efficiency (based on his latest article on Great Conversation(s)) brought on by the modern age in general, the pandemic in particular, and some ways in which efficiency can come at a cost... in terms of how we work, eat, worship, and live. There is a lot of talk about prayer, and even a little on Downton Abbey.

This week's Rule is: "Efficiency almost always wins...and we're often the worse for it."

Butch's article on "Efficiency..": 

Great Conversation(s)
Efficiency Always Wins Out
We’ve become quite efficient. We can transmit information across the planet in a matter of seconds. We can cook (or have delivered) a nutritious meal in a matter of minutes. We can travel from sea to shining sea — and across them — in a matter of hours. Intricate and complex objects can be manufactured to our minute specifications and delivered to our f……
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